With the inevitable climate change happening around the globe today, all lives on earth are at stake due to the serious water scarcity. Our earth is known as the ‘blue planet’ with one third of water coverage. However, with globalization the world has lost 70 % of its natural wetlands over the last century. Water is an essential resource that supports all life on earth. Economic development depends on this precious natural resource. For this reason, water must be a shared responsibility both up and downstream so as to conserve this dynamic country reputed as a ‘lung’ of the world.

Bhutan considers water as the most precious resource and takes pride in being the only carbon-negative country in the world, and boasts of 71% forest coverage. But this “green” reputation also brings tremendous pressure. The threat from climate change and rapid socio-economic development results in increasing pressure on our environment including the water resources. Despite, Bhutan known for abundant of water resources, still faces water scarcity. The water shed conservation management, in pursuit of Gross National Happiness and the age old tradition of living in harmony with nature, assures access to adequate, safe and affordable water to enhance the quality of lives. The interest of the nation and the people is always prioritized.

Bhutan at the moment is in a position to lead this movement and as a voice of youth who are concerned for future planet, YDF is supporting youth to voice out their concerns through:

  1. Resource mobilization.
  2. Advocacy and village-based projects
  3. Ideas and innovation
  4. Conservation of forests
  5. Bringing entrepreneurship in areas of water

YDF is raising friends, resources and supporters towards this cause in achieving the vision of a better today, brighter tomorrow for the youth of Bhutan. We believe in investing to create a world fit for our youth and children.

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