Water is Happiness

Friend and Fund Raising

Launching at New Delhi on 29th February 2020 by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Tseyring Pem Wangchuck


The Bhutan Water Vision of 2008 states that, “Water is the most important natural, economic, life sustaining resource and we must ensure that it is available in abundance to meet the increasing demands. Present and future generations will have assured access to adequate, safe and affordable water to enhance and maintain the quality of their lives and the integrity of natural ecosystems”. Connecting to the pillars of GNH, this statement demonstrates the inter-connectedness of water and its impacts on the social, economic, and environment.

The Program Highlight

Gala Dinner + Launch of Campaign + Silent Auction

  • Venue Royal Bhutanese Embassy, New Delhi
  • Event Date 29th February, 2020 (Leap year)
  • Time 6 : 30 PM

How can you be a part of this movement?

  • Buy/sell table with 8 seatings
  • Invite a friend who cares about children, youth and their dreams
  • Make donations for the cause
  • Be an advocate for this movement
  • Sponsor an event in your state

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